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Interest in coaching is growing steadily.  Performance coaches are used in sports, by business executives, and more recently by Christian leadership.  This is because a coach helps you develop your Maximum performance and discover your optimum Path The result is knowledge transformed into action and accelerated growth.

How does this happen?  It is reported that after one year the average person retains only a small portion of what was taught but owns about 90% of what he/she discovered.  Typically, few people actually begin applying what they have learned from seminars.  The seminar notebook sits on the shelf seldom to be viewed again.  Sound familiar?  Therefore, a person already knows more than is being applied.  A trained coach skillfully asks questions, guiding you through the thinking process until you have thoroughly evaluated a particular situation of choice and decided upon your course of action.  The coach helps you discover options and act on the best solution.  This is often not accomplished quickly without assistance.  Read the testimonies of others who have benefited from the service of a coach.  You will benefit as well.

K. Adamson

Leadership and Ministry Coach

MaxPath Ministries, Inc.
dba MaxPath Coaching


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